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Doctors will find our communications ideas to be useful in their work
After many years of assisting patients, caregivers and advocates with their journeys through the healthcare system, DiagKNOWsis Media and its founder were invited to focus on physicians, nurses, hospital staff and other healthcare personnel to teach them to work more efficiently and effectively together.

Today that collaboration takes place through a variety of activities, as follows:
DiagKNOWsis Media presents Beyond Grand Rounds, advice for doctors from a patient Grand Rounds is an opportunity for doctors to brush up on their practice skills - so why not brush up on them beyond those grand rounds, too? 
Quantia MD is a
source of CME credits(Continuing Medical Education) for physicians. 
Trisha Torrey, founder of DiagKNOWsis Media,
is part of the
Quantia MD faculty.
Quantia MD - Trisha Torrey, founder of DiagKNOWsis Media is a contributor
  What's Next Buttons from DiagKNOWsis Media
The "What's Next" pin can be worn on scrubs or a white coat to encourage patients to manage their oqn expectations -
a great form of communication. 
What's Next?
  Healthcare Speaker Information

Professional Healthcare Speaker, part of DiagKNOWsis Media

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